About the GreyHen Image Database

Welcome, user, to the GreyHen Image Database. I (Craftyatom) am working hard to turn this database into the largest and most functional pornography database on the web. GreyHen is my answer to the shortcomings of present systems such as gelbooru and e621, and has been coded from scratch to accomodate every neccessary functionality quickly and reliably. One day, I hope that this site will earn its title as an internet powerhouse; for now, though, it is still under development. More functionality is to come, and your experience with this monster of an engine will only improve.

Images are pretty much what the GreyHen Image Database does, as the name implies. To this end, any and all images you feel like uploading would be much appreciated - simply head over to the upload page, choose a file from your computer or a URL, and hit upload - the image will be temporarily stored in our 'pending' folder. Don't worry about uploading images that already exist on the server - the system will prevent you from uploading exact duplicates, and visually similar images are marked and dealt with. Eventually, a moderator will use the checking page to check all uploaded images, assign them a safety rating (safe, questionable, or explicit), and grant or deny the image a spot on our database. If denied, the image will be deleted. If approved, the image will be moved into the Running Section, and a week later to the main Image Database, where it will remain for as long as GreyHen exists. Yes, that means that GreyHen also works as an image hosting service - that is, if your image can get approved.

Tags are data markers applied to individual files, which help you search through the thousands of files on the database. The server includes a number of pre-defined tags, all of which can be seen on the tag homepage, which includes statistics related to each tag. You can add or remove tags from an image by voting.

Blacklisting/Whitelisting: GreyHen implements a 'filtering' system, whereby you can choose tags to add to or remove from every search. To learn more, visit the Filter Help Page.

Pages make sure that you're not trying to load hundreds of image files at once. Each page of results has 30 images. You can travel between pages using the navigation menu at the top of the page. To help reduce load times, these pages do not use the whole image - they display a thumbnail which has smaller dimensions and no animation, meaning that the index pages load lightning quick. To see the full image, click on one of the thumbnails, and you'll be brought to the unique page for that image, which includes the full-size image and its tags. To go back to the search page you were on, click the "Back" button at the top of the page.

Thank You for visiting GreyHen - this website was meant to be enjoyed, so have fun!

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