Help Topic: Filtering

The Basics: Filters are GreyHen's way of implementing blacklisting and whitelisting in one simple interface. To use filters, you will have to have an account on GreyHen - if you don't have one, you can sign up here.

Choosing your filter: Before you add any filters, you'll need to think of which filters you want to add. As an example, let's say you don't want to see any pictures with "gore" in them. If you were searching for pictures without gore, you would use the search term "-gore"; this is the same text that you're going to use as a filter. If you only wanted to see images with "female" in them, you would use the search term "female" - this is the same as the filter which whitelists the "female" tag. BE CAREFUL: many people want to blacklist something and automatically just type it in. This causes them to whitelist it instead, making for a rather disgusting experience. If you want to blacklist a tag, use a minus sign before the tag in question. As a side note, since any search term works, you can also create numeric filters; "3+females" will whitelist any images with 3 or more females in them. For more information on search terms, visit the Search Help Page.

Adding a filter: Now that you've figured out what filter you want to add, go to the User Homepage and click "Filter". To add a filter, simply enter the search term you decided on above into the text field, and click "Add". You can also remove filters at any time by going to this same page and clicking "Remove" on a single filter, or "Remove All" at the bottom.

Filter Function: Once your filter is in place, it will function without you ever knowing that it's there. It won't show up in your searches, but it will constantly affect them - we know that seeing "scat" in every single search or URL would not give a great mental image or browsing experience, so filters are designed to be low-key.