Help Topic: Uploading

The Basics: To upload a file, visit the Uploads page. Three options are listed on the page: "MultiFile Upload" (which we'll save for the end), "Upload from your computer", and "Upload via URL".

Upload from your computer: This option allows you to select a file that currently resides on your computer and upload it to GreyHen. Simply click "Browse", select the file you want, click "Open", and then click "Submit".

Upload via URL: This option allows you to take the URL of an image anywhere on the internet and upload it. To do so, find the image you want to upload, right-click it, choose "Copy Image Location" (or "Copy Link Location" if the image links to a higher-resolution version of itself), past the result into the text field on GreyHen, and then click "Submit".

Duplicate Images: Whenever you upload an image, GreyHen automatically checks to see if it already resides on the database. If it does, you will see one fo two messages: "FILE_ALREADY_PENDING" means that the image is waiting to be checked by a moderator, and "FILE_ALREADY_EXISTS" means that the image is already on the database - you can check it out if you want by clicking on the image.

MultiFile Uploads: I saved these for last because they're quite complicated. MultiFile uploads allow you to upload an entire doujin, manga, etc. in one fell swoop. To get started, head on over to the MultiFile Creator. To create a new MultiFile, upload an image from your computer or via a URL. This will take you to the MultiFile Editing page - make a note of the number at the top of the screen, because it may be important later. From this screen, you can add, remove, and move files around however you want - use this functionality to put together your MultiFile, and then click "Finalize and Lock" - this will send it to a moderator for checking.

Coming Back: Were you in the middle of editing a MultiFile when you suddenly had to go do something? Want to let a friend edit your MultiFile? Worry not, to do so you only need the MultiFile's code, which was the number at the top of the editing screen. If you go to the MultiFile Creator, enter your code in the top text field, then click "Submit", it will bring you right back to the fiels you were editing. While this is a useful feature, be careful - anyone who gets a hold of your code can also edit the MultiFile, so keep it somewhat secret. Once you've finalized and locked, though, nobody can edit your multifile except moderators.