Welcome to GreySock! GreySock is a little pet project of mine, designed to mimic various other social sites from around the web. I started it because I realized that, someday, the social sites and forums I visit would die out, and the friends I had made would just disappear. GreySock is my answer to that, the social site to be around for as long as I need it.

What's different about GreySock? GreySock is a pretty much like most forums, but with two key differences. First, the newest posts are displayed at the top - this means that threads never have to be closed due to length, and the newest material is always right in front of you, not on the fiftieth page. Second, replies appear directly beneath the post they reply to, meaning that massive chains of replies take place in one place only, not spread out over the entire thread, hard to find and irrelevant. These two changes are designed to make GreySock much faster-paced, more akin to a Facebook feed than your average forum.

How does GreySock work? To get started with GreySock, you'll either have to create a thread, or find one to post on. Threads use randomized codes, so you can't see one unless you have the link. Once you get to a thread, you can either make a post (by clicking the link at the top) or reply to a post (by clicking a post's "reply" link or double-clicking on the post itself). Each thread created has a set of permissions that dictate who can see the thread, post on the thread, reply to posts on the thread, and moderate the thread. Generally, there are three types of permissions: "anyone", meaning anyone can do it, "users", meaning only people logged in to a GreyHen account can do it, and "mods", meaning only a specific group of people can do it, and these people are chosen by the owner of the thread. Use these permissions carefully, and you'll be able to tailor your thread exactly to your liking.

How do I get started? It's probably not a good idea to make your own thread right off the bat - instead, try looking through some publicly listed threads, such as Chatter, GreySock's main social board. If you like it here, stick around, and make an account!