GreyHen Image Database Suggestions (Post)

5 Wujli-12: I'm a little surprised you don't allow browsing through images and go to the previous / next one with the left/right arrow keys - I considered that a necessity for databases such as this
6 craftyatom: The left and right arrow keys currently allow users to go back and forward through individual images. If this isn't working for you, let me know, because I'm able to go left and right without issue.

In terms of using the arrow keys to flip between search pages, I didn't realize this was in demand. I'll implement it.
7 craftyatom: I have implemented the ability to browse through search pages via arrow keys, and fixed a bug with arrow keys on individual images which let users go to blank pages.
3 Comta-12: <a href="javascript:alert('tagging can be fun')>?</a>
2 Comta-12: <script>alert('maybe consider escaping these handy angle brackets')</script>
4 craftyatom: Howdy - I saw your search, and was surprised I hadn't sanitized search logs, so I've done that now.

Thank you for your contribution.
1 craftyatom: Welcome to the GreyHen Image Database Suggestions Thread! This thread is designed to allow anyone to make suggestions about the database, and as such, anyone with the link can post here. However, since these questions should only be answered by GreyHen's moderators, only they can respond to the questions put forth.

Please check GreyHen's various "about" pages before posting here, so as not to suggest something already in place, or against the rules. Please also try to keep your suggestions brief, polite, and topical. Follow these guidelines, and we'll be happy to respond to your suggestion as soon as we can.