GreyHen's Mission

The Perfect Porn Site: From the beginning, GreyHen was designed to be the perfect porn site. This means different things to different people, though. As such, I'll spend most of this page talking about what I personally think the perfect porn website is - not just for me, but for everyone.

Freedom of Choice: One of the things that always saddened me about other sites was how they would place restrictions on their content. Some are obvious - porn sites dedicated to a particular fetish are obviously restricted to that fetish - but some are less, shall I say, sensible. Gelbooru has always been one of my favorite porn sites, but what always bugged me was that bestiality wasn't allowed. As well as that, they wouldn't accept some forms of loli. I browse FunnyJunk a lot, and the fact that the site bans people who post loli is somewhat understandable, but also quite regrettable. So, let me make something very, very clear regarding GreyHen: there is not a single type of porn we won't accept. Every fetish, no matter how "disgusting" or "weird", is welcome here. Even the fetishes I personally dislike (which aren't many) are welcome here, because this is a site meant for everyone.

One Exception: I live in the United States of America. Our laws regarding porn are a lot more lenient than some other countries, but there is still one big exception: no real-life child porn. Every single person featured in a real-life image or video MUST be of age 18 or older at the time the picture/video is taken, no exceptions. I do wish I could provide complete freedom of choice, but I'm hoping that this won't be much of an issue for my users.

Things You Hate: As much as everyone likes different fetishes, everyone also has different dislikes, and this plays into the way GreyHen operates. I personally can't stand bbw or scat porn. To make sure that your browsing experience is an enjoyable one, the filter functionality has been added for users. If you have an account with GreyHen, you can specify tags that you want to be added to or removed from every search, without you ever having to type them, or even see them on-screen. This helps GreyHen to provide porn that you'll enjoy, with no weird interruptions.

For Users, By Users: Everyone is free to upload images they think belong on GreyHen. In fact, the more images you upload, the better; the idea is that porn worth fapping to is porn worth sharing. By uploading an image to GreyHen, you're not just making sure it's online when you need it - you're showing that picture to anyone else who might be interested. Every single image on the website was put there by a user much like you, probably one who has the same fetishes as you. Feel free to return the favor anytime.

Duplicates: Duplicate files are always an issue for database websites. To prevent the same exact file from being uploaded is easy enough, but what about images that kinda look the same, or uploading a larger version of a pre-existing image? To facilitate in removing and preventing duplicate images, I've implemented a number of duplicate detection algorithms. As such, moderators can easily find images which are visually similar. One unintended benefit of this system is that it also works as a reverse image search!

Phases: GreyHen's operation has historically been divided into discrete "phases" - each phase represents a large-scale shift from the previous phase Below is a list of past, present, and future phases:

Your Role: As mentioned in the "Phases" section, GreyHen relies on its users to cast votes and upload files. More of this user interaction will mean more data, which will mean more users, and thus more user interaction, forming a feedback loop. Even without donating money, you can still help GreyHen grow, just by using the site's features.

Money: To learn more about how GreyHen is paid for, how much it costs, and how you can help, visit the funding page.

Your Data: A lot of people get very worried when it comes to their porn preferences, perhaps for good reason; look at what happens every time a celebrity is found to have a foot fetish. Imagine the uproar if we found out the president was into gore. No, not everyone is a celebrity, but everyone has a right to privacy, and GreyHen respects that. Some of your information is recorded anonymously - that's how I know what people are searching for, and how to improve search terms - but none of that data will ever be given away. It is to be used for the purpose of improving the site, and nothing else.

Thank You for choosing to use GreyHen. This website is and always will be dedicated to serving users like you, and hopefully we'll be able to see this come to fruition together.