Funding GreyHen

Who pays for GreyHen? Well, the simple answer is that I do. GreyHen is primarily paid for out of my own pocket, because it's my hobby. As a student, I currently don't make any money, myself, but I have enough to keep the site running for the moment. However, GreyHen also has a Patreon, and I'm hoping that generous donors interested in helping bring porn to the masses will chip in to help GreyHen grow. You can check out the Donors page to see exactly who has helped, and by how much.

How much does GreyHen cost to maintain? As you can see below, right now GreyHen does not cost a lot to maintain. This is because it's currently run from a fairly small server - if the Patreon starts generating significant money, however, I'd be willing to upgrade its hosting significantly. Patreon not only provides a way for others to support the site, it lets me judge how many people are truly interested in seeing the site grow - if this number grows, then I have no problem spending more money out of pocket to keep them happy. NOTE: The running cost changes each month, increasing with usage. As such, the costs detailed below are nominal projected costs - see the Costs page for historical results.
Domain Name/SSL Services$2.42
Website Hosting$11.17
File Hosting$1.72
Total$15.31per month

Why not run ads? I'm not interested in running ads on GreyHen for a number of reasons. First, ads don't really make much money - GreyHen likely wouldn't even cover its current server costs. Second, there are many ads which decrease browser performance, and some link to malware; this does not make for a good user experience. Third, ads mean that when you're looking at the site, there's unwanted material taking up screen space - this is even more important when you're looking for material that caters to a fetish, and seeing something strange or unrelated in an ad could put you off. Finally, advertising companies don't want to advertise on a porn website, so I'd have to go to porn-specific advertisers, whose ads are even more likely to have the aforementioned problems. All in all, it would be a bad deal for everyone involved, except perhaps the advertising company.

Why should I donate to GreyHen? The main reason I would cite for donating is to support GreyHen's goals: quick and easy access to exactly the type of porn you're looking for. Your money would likely go towards a server upgrade, which would increase the speed at which pages are loaded, which would help people get porn quickly. In future, any excess money will be used to commission artists, so that GreyHen can give back to the community. That secondary objective is a long way off, though. To see a full breakdown of GreyHen's historical operating costs, check out our Costs page.